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    Although you may know us best for marketing Tissue Parent Rolls for the At Home, Away From Home and Specialty Tissue markets, we also have great experience with De-Inked and Waste Fiber grades.

    Tissue Paper Rolls – Virgin and Recycled Furnish

    Since our beginning 25 years ago Target has specialized in buying and selling Tissue Parent Rolls, virgin and recycled furnish, for the Domestic and Off Shore At Home and Away From Home markets.  We can operate as your exclusive sales team responsible for 100% of your parent roll sales and marketing as well as your go to sales and marketing team to move spot tonnage on a less formal basis.

    We are extremely proud of our long relationship with Erving Paper Mills in Erving, Ma.  Erving is one of the largest independent family owned tissue mills selling 100% of its tissue production to out side converters in North America, the Caribbean, Latin America and European markets.  Check out their web site at  The Housen family and Erving Paper Mills have been “On a Roll” for over 100 years in the tissue market.

    Although Erving Paper Mills is our first priority, Target is fortunate to sell additional grades of tissue both recycled and virgin furnish that Erving is unable to produce.  These grades can include recycled and virgin furnish for the At Home and Away from Home markets.  Please give us a call and we can review your requirements.



    Waste Fiber / De-Inked Pulp:

    Tissue Mills are large consumers of Recycled Fiber and De-Inked Pulp.  Because of this, Target Marketing Worldwide, Inc. is interested in purchasing your process trim, surplus, over runs, degrades and rejected cellulose fibers.


    Job Lot / Side Trim:

    In addition to everything else we do, we also have a strong demand from our customer base for Job Lots, Side Trim Rolls, Surplus and Obsolete Inventory, Rejects, in Rolls, Sheeted and in Finished Goods Cases, for Tissue Grades, De-Inked Pulp, Pulp Subs and Virgin Pulp.


    Additional Items of Interest include:

    Cellulose Based:

    CCNB, SBS, White Top, Kraft Liner, Medium, Chip and other Board Stocks, Free Sheets, Publishing Grades.

    Polymer Based:

    Plastic Films extruded and cast, Laminated and Single Ply, Printed and Unprinted, Baled Stretch Wrap and Strapping.

    If you have Surplus, Side Trims, Scrap or Job Lot Streams we would be glad to discuss marketing strategies with you.


    How We Help You:

    Customer Service is our priority.  We do what it takes to build and maintain strong Mill – Converter relations.  We take pride in creating Mill – Converter relationships that last.  We take the lead in making sure both parties know each other and work together.  Strong relationships between Mill,Converter and Target Marketing Worldwide, Inc. are important to make sure all of us understand and share mutual expectations.

    Personal Touch:

    Although we are available 24/7 – 7 days a week, you can count on us to contact you in order to keep you current and up to date on the issues at hand.  We don’t wait for you to call us, we are pro active and call you too.

    Philip Pilosian /

    Philip Pilosian /

    A Global Market:

    We take the uncertainty and hassle out of working in the International Market Place.  Although the world continues to get smaller by the day, with the latest technology, there still remains the details and knowledge on how to work with foreign markets.  There are numerous details to be completed that make any transaction and shipment successful.  Its always the small things that prove costly and frustrating, thats why working with Target Marketing Worldwide, Inc, either Domestic or International makes sense.  We sweat the small details so you dont have to.  You can count on us to handle your business all day every day!