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  • About Us

    At Target Marketing Worldwide, Inc., our primary focus is on marketing Tissue Parent Rolls into the At Home, Away From Home and Specialty Tissue Grade Markets. Please see our Products and Services page to to learn about the other products we work with.

    We are fortunate to have a dedicated staff with marketing, technical and engineering backgrounds. If success of a business is defined by the quality of people who work there, then Target Marketing Worldwide, Inc, has been successful beyond any measure and definition. Many of our staff have known each other personally since our school years, and have worked at Target since its start in 1990. Others here have been part of the Target “family” for 15 + years. Friends and co workers would be an apt definition of our staff.

    We understand the key to our success has been and will continue to be reliant on our ability to consistently provide superior service and value to our suppliers and customers. We assist you with working towards your strengths and help you maximize your profit opportunities. Our goal is to provide value to every transaction with a goal toward a positive and rewarding relationship.

    No goal or priority is more important as adding value to every order we receive.

    Since 1990 Target Marketing has been rewarded with a reputation for being committed to open and honest business relationships. Nothing is more important to us than this. We continue to be humbled and grateful for the confidence and trust placed in us by our suppliers and customers.

    Our Customer Service staff has long term experience with foreign and domestic markets. Their commitment to detail ensures no surprises, both for mill and customer. Our experience with shipping by ocean containers, rail, over the road trucking, customs clearance, foreign exchange, ensures mill and customers separated even half way around the world, makes it as easy as if they were across town.